Simone Amaduzzi at the Grand Canyon National Park

To be able to admire a curious giraffe or a playful elephant while they enjoy themselves in the water is something that doesn’t happen every day; the thought of immortalizing the action of a game makes the whole season worthwhile, or a singer singing at their most passionate moment of a hit song is an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime and, as a photographer, I have had the opportunity to document. The feeling of photographing those moments is indescribable.

Born and raised in Bologna, Italy, Simone developed his passion for photography over time, thanks to the artistic inheritance of his dad, Daniele Amaduzzi; it is thanks to him, an F1 photo journalist, that Simone now dedicates all his efforts to turn the passion into a profession. His father's job allowed Simone to travel around the world from a very early age, giving him the chance to savor landscapes and colors which, in time, he has captured in his photos. Simone's relationship with the camera grew deeper during his work experience at Disney World in Orlando. He was totally immersed in a magic world made of smiles and positivity. This experience influenced his work as he now constantly looks for that single, most touching detail that will inspire both himself, and those who enjoy his photos.

Today Simone still travels around the world with the tenacity of a man and the curiosity of a child, looking for that exciting shot, hoping to be able to pass on the purity of photography and the "joie the vivre” each one of us can find in a simple frame.

Simone today is a International award-winning photographer based in Oviedo, Florida where he owns a photo studio and a gallery. He works for many wildlife and nature magazines and has organized photography workshops around the world since 2012.

Simone Amaduzzi photographing Yellowstone National Park
Simone Amaduzzi photographing Grand Teton National Park
Simone Amaduzzi photographing a squirrel
Simone Amaduzzi photographing Yellowstone National Park