1.  Why should I take a Simone Amaduzzi Photography Workshop?

Unlike travel agencies, Simone Amaduzzi does not have a strict schedule for anything that isn't park or photography related.  This means that while the agencies require dinner or check-in at 6pm, Simone's workshop will be prioritizing sunset photos.  Simone's workshops capitalize on the limited time frame given by not wasting any of it .  We will be at the best places to be, at the best times to be there.

Simone's vast experience at the various parks also put him at an advantage over other workshops and agencies as he has taken the time to research and develop a tour that maximizes the amount of time spent at the parks for taking unique and inspiring photos.

2. What kind of equipment do I need?

There is no standard on what kind of equipment to bring.  We will work with any kind of photographic equipment you have.  Tripods are not necessary, however they are definitely helpful if you'd like to bring one.

**Tripods+DSLRs are mandatory for entrance to Antelope Canyon**

3.  What kind of photography experience do I need?

We have had photographers range from having just bought their camera to photographers being featured in magazines as professionals.  Many book the workshop to learn photography in beautiful locations, while others book to get spots and locations that other workshops do not offer.

4. What will I learn at a workshop?

Simone teaches both the technical side of photography as well as the artistic side based on individual skill and experience to be able to achieve stunning and inspiring photos of each location. 

5.  Do the Amaduzzis take time for themselves to take photos?

The participants of the workshop always come first.  Simone will have his camera and setup too, however if a participant has a question or needs assistance, his photography will wait. He is there to teach, guide, and take photos (in that order).  If his tripod is set up next to yours, and you need the space, he will move his.  This is your vacation, we aim to make it the best!

6. What kind of clothing do I bring?

This is weather dependent based on the season the workshop is held in.  For example, in the Yellowstone Winter workshop, layers are quite mandatory.  For non winter workshops, it often gets cold during sunrise and sunset so layers are recommended.  During the day, a hat, lighter clothes, and sunscreen are recommended. Hiking boots/shoes are recommended for all workshops.

7. Are meals included?

Meals are not included in the pricing.  We will be eating at various restaurants/markets for breakfast and dinner (sometimes breakfast is included with the hotel).  For most lunches, we will stop at a grocery store earlier in the day to grab something to eat for later, so we won't have to leave the park for lunch.

Meals do not follow a strict schedule as we assume everyone has the photography and the parks as their priority during our limited time, food comes second; but don't fret, we will most definitely be eating!

8. Is transportation included?

Transportation to and from the airport is not included, however all other transportation (such as to and from the parks and hotels) is included.

9. Is accommodation included?

Accommodation in double occupancy is included. Additional charges may apply for accommodation in single room.