Bryce Canyon National Park
An unforgettable experience for the enchanted places we visited, for the blue sky adorned with white clouds like cream, for the large spaces typical of the old west, for the unforgettable sunsets and sunrises ...
Simone is a true professional photographer, always available, very prepared and with a wild passion for shooting, full of curiosity for the new and always ready to solve with seriousness and competence all possible unexpected events.
His staff, very friendly and always smiling with exquisite courtesy, has always been a valid help in all situations.
I will definitely participate in other workshops, they are a real panacea for lovers of landscape and naturalistic photography, guaranteed !!!
Francesco G.
Piacenza, Italy

"Although 70 years old, my passion for photography has not slowed me down and thanks to Simone I managed to realize the dream of seeing and photographing Yellowstone National Park. I was impressed by Simone's knowledge and professionalism as a photographer and as a guide. I hope I can get back to another workshop with him soon."

Enzo T.

Bologna, Italy

"Closed roads or adverse weather conditions have never been a problem because Simone and his staff have always been able to solve any small issue that we might had. Wonderful places that we will remember for the rest of our lives. We will certainly do some other workshops with Simone because we really enjoyed it."

Kristina & Dave S.

Portland, Oregon

"What an amazing journey! This is my third workshop with Simone and it has been worth it every penny any single time. I love to travel with someone who is photographic knowledgeable and who also knows what to do and where to go. I've already booked his Fall in Vermont" workshop and I'can't wait."

Kathy G.

Jefferson City, Missouri

"My last workshop with Simone was at The Grand Canyon National Park and it's been awesome. I loved the places, the company, the landscapes and the experience. Where are you bringing me next?"

Sabrina F.

Asheville, North Carolina

"Beautiful experience!

Thanks to his photographic and logistic skills, Simone has managed to organize a fantastic workshop full of details that only an enthusiast of her work could have organized.

I fully intend on doing another one with him in the very near future."

Mark V.

Melbourne, Australia

“We love traveling with Simone because he is always scrupulous and very detailed in organizing his workshops: from places to photograph, to hotels always up to expectations, to restaurants where to stop after long days. We have never missed a sunrise or a sunset and have brought home indelible memories."

LIsa & John P.

Reno, Nevada

"I love photography and in the past 10 years I've had the chance to follow different photographers in their workshops but I've never found anybody more knowledgeable than Simone. There was never a question that Simone couldn't answer and he went way further than my expecties.
I will definetely travel again with him in the near future."

Ichiro S.

Tokyo, Japan

"A unique journey, of those that we will remember for a lifetime, incredible places and views, which together with the excellent company and the professionalism and expertise of Simone and his staff become pure emotion. for photography enthusiasts, but not only! really a unique experience!"

Mara C.

Udine, Italy